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Chicken? At breakfast? The chicken can now come before the egg at McDonald’s Canada

March 9, 2020

From Hotcakes to Chicken McGriddles®, McDonald’s Canada has been serving up breakfast innovations for more than 40 years


Don’t sound so surprised! Starting March 9, McDonald’s Canada is serving up chicken at breakfast with Chicken McGriddles® and Chicken McMuffin® breakfast sandwiches across Canada for a limited time at participating restaurants. First piloted last year in Alberta, both breakfast sandwiches bring together a few iconic menu items for a delicious and unexpected breakfast combination.

Each breakfast sandwich includes a breaded seasoned chicken patty made with chicken raised on Canadian farms. Served on McDonald’s maple-flavoured griddle cakes, Chicken McGriddles are the perfect on-the-go breakfast experience providing the classic combination of sweet and savoury. The Chicken McMuffin is complete with a mayonnaise-style sauce, and a slice of tasty processed cheddar cheese sitting on a toasted English muffin.

“Chicken is becoming an increasingly popular choice at breakfast time. While novel for some, it’s long been a popular choice for many,” said Nicola Pitman, Director, Menu Innovation and Management, McDonald’s Canada. “Both the Chicken McGriddles and Chicken McMuffin at breakfast give Canadians the opportunity to expand their breakfast taste buds, with a new protein choice meal on the go.”

Since breakfast was first introduced to menus, McDonald’s has led the way in bringing innovative new menu items alongside beloved breakfast classics we know guests love. It’s something different to start your morning.

“Starting with the Egg McMuffin, introduced in Canadian restaurants in 1976, McDonald’s has been bringing new, innovative breakfast offerings to our menu,” said Andrea Kirsch, Senior Marketing Manager, McCafé. “Providing Canadians with a wide range of craveable and delicious breakfast options that meets the needs of our guests is what we do best. Chicken McGriddles and Chicken McMuffin are a part of our journey to be the best in breakfast.” 

All of the chicken served at McDonald’s more than 1,400 restaurants across Canada, including Chicken McGriddles and Chicken McMuffin breakfast sandwiches, comes from chicken raised on Canadian farms without the use of antibiotics that are important to human medicine. Both sandwiches will be available starting March 9 during breakfast hours (until 11 a.m.) at participating restaurants. For menu and nutrition information, visit our website.

To celebrate the newest limited-edition members of the McDonald’s breakfast lineup, we took a look at the key moments in McDonald’s breakfast history in Canada that laid the groundwork for where we are today.

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