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    McDonald's Canada Reveals Changes to Classic Burgers

    As a leading restaurant company in Canada, McDonald’s® is using its size and scale to implement meaningful change that is important to our guests, our franchisees, our people, and the environment. We’ve been on a journey to remove artificial colours, flavours and preservatives from some of our ingredients, all while continuing to deliver great tasting food people trust. Similar to our McDonald’s US neighbours, many of the ingredients that make up our classic burgers already contain no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours. The processed cheese slice and Big Mac® sauce will contain no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours in the coming months. The only remaining ingredient – the pickle – will continue to contain an artificial preservative, so skip it if you like. McDonald’s Canadian classic burgers are the hamburger, cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, McDouble®, Quarter Pounder with Cheese®, Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese®, Big Mac® and Double Big Mac®. Change is also about focusing on how our food is sourced. For example, all McDonald’s beef is sourced 100% in Canada, from Canadian farmers and ranchers. And, in a major nod to the quality of Canadian beef, McDonald's recently announced that it is the first company in Canada to serve Canadian beef from certified sustainable farms and ranches, beginning with its Angus line-up.


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