Media Statements

  1. All Aboard the World Taste Tour!
    The McDonald’s® Canada World Taste Tour is here from June 18th to July 29th, bringing guests three new burgers inspired by international recipes, tailored to Canadians’ taste palates. The new burgers include: • Chinese Szechuan Burger: topped with crispy wontons and a unique Chinese Sz...Read More

  2. McDonald’s Canada Allergen Policy Update
    In January, McDonald’s Canada made a change to our allergen policy to introduce menu items containing nuts that are not individually packaged. This is a holistic change to our business and started with the introduction of a dessert item (Skor McFlurry) that contained nuts.   Listenin...Read More

  3. Allergy Notice / Avis Sur Les Allergènes
    June 6, 2017 Please be advised that a milk allergen may have come in contact with the breading used for the JUNIOR CHICKEN, CRISPY CHICKEN SNACK WRAP®, CRISPY CHICKEN SIGNATURE McWRAP® and the FILET-O-FISH®.  This temporarily impacts all fried chicken products as they are cooke...Read More

  4. Statement: Cyber-Attack on McDonald’s Canada Career Website
    The McDonald’s Canada career website ( or was recently subject to a cyber-attack.   As a result, the personal information of approximately 95,000 restaurant job applicants has been compromised. Appli...Read More

  5. Media Statement: allergen policy
    Over the past week, there has been discussion related to the change we’ve made to our menu and the presence of allergens in our restaurants.  We appreciate and take very seriously the concerns expressed to us by families and individuals with allergies. McDonald’s Canada has worke...Read More

  6. SKOR McFlurry: allergy notice
    As a guest driven company, McDonald’s Canada is constantly evolving our menu and introducing new items and new ingredients.  We are making a significant change to our menu and our operational procedures as it relates to allergens.    We are now serving products using nuts t...Read More

  7. Media Statement: McDonald’s® Canada introduces menu board labelling across the country
    TORONTO, ON – December 27, 2016 - At McDonald’s Canada, we’ve long been committed to providing our guests with nutrition information, in-restaurant through our Nutrition Facts brochure and online through our Nutrition Centre and the My McD’s™ mobile app. Building on ...Read More

  8. Media Statement: McDonald's USA and Canada Voluntarily Recall Step-iT Activity Bands
    TORONTO, ON (August 23, 2016) - McDonald’s USA and Canada announced today they are working with the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and Health Canada respectively on a voluntary recall of the Step-iT Activity Bands distributed in Happy Meals and Mighty Ki...Read More

  9. Step It! Activity Band Happy Meal
    TORONTO, ON (August 18, 2016) - We are voluntarily removing the Step It! Activity Band Happy Meal toys in our restaurants in our United States and Canadian markets. It will no longer be offered as part of our Happy Meals. We have taken this swift and voluntary step after receiving limited re...Read More

  10. Media Statement: Fort McMurray Wildfire Relief Efforts
    TORONTO, ON (May 10, 2016) - McDonald’s Canada and its franchisees share the concern of everyone across the country for those who have been affected by the devastating wildfires in Fort McMurray, Alberta.     The spirit of giving back in times of such great need is alive an...Read More

  11. 100 Per Cent Canadian Beef Sourcing
    TORONTO, ON  – From time to time, we receive questions via email and social media about McDonald’s Canada’s beef purchasing practices.  This stems from a viral email which contains information that is completely false and is a hoax. McDonald’s Canada sour...Read More

  12. McDonald's Canada Minimum Wage Labour Statement
    TORONTO, ON (April 15, 2015) – At McDonald’s Canada we respect everyone’s right to have their say.  The topic of minimum wage in Canada goes well beyond McDonald’s.  We look to individual provincial legislators to determine appropriate minimum wages acros...Read More

  13. McDonald’s Canada Response to U.S. Wage and Benefits Announcement
    TORONTO, ON (April 1, 2015) – Earlier today, McDonald’s U.S. announced changes to its hourly wage and benefits programs for employees working in its corporate-owned restaurants.  These changes are specific to the United States and do not apply to McDonald’s Canada. ...Read More

  14. Update on Canadian Employment at McDonald’s Canada
    TORONTO, ON (March 24, 2015) – In 2014, we became the subject of news stories about the use of the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) program in some of our corporate and franchised restaurants. We responded by voluntarily freezing our use of the TFW program. We also engaged Deloitte, o...Read More

  15. McDonald’s Canada response to the Global and U.S. antimicrobials announcement
    TORONTO, ON (March 4, 2015) – Earlier today, McDonald’s Corporation released its Global Vision for Antimicrobial Stewardship in Food Animals which applies to all food animals in our supply chain and outlines goals for the judicious use of antibiotics around the world.  In...Read More

  16. Hello Kitty Birthday Lollipop Happy Meal Toy (#6) – Whistle Recall
    TORONTO, ON (November 10, 2014) - Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our guests and this includes the toys we offer them. McDonald’s has decided to voluntarily recall the red whistle included with the Happy Meal Hello Kitty Birthday Lollipop Toy (#6) in the U.S. and ...Read More

  17. McDonald’s Canada Announces Voluntary Freeze of Temporary Foreign Worker Program
    TORONTO, ON (July 14, 2014) - McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited has been in close communication with Employment and Social Development Canada (the “Department”) regarding our use of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. As a direct result of those discussions we m...Read More

  18. Government Changes to Temporary Foreign Worker Program
    TORONTO, ON (June 20, 2014) - This past April, McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited made the decision to voluntarily freeze all Labour Market Opinions (LMOs) in our system on a temporary basis pending a comprehensive review.  In May, we engaged Deloitte, a global leading pr...Read More

  19. McDonald’s Canada Response to CBC’s The National
    TORONTO, ON (April 24, 2014) - On April 24, 2014 CBC News’ The National aired edited segments of a confidential conference call between McDonald’s Canada President and CEO, John Betts, and company franchisees. The call was scheduled by McDonald’s Canada to discuss, with...Read More

  20. McDonald’s Canada Response to CBC Go Public Reports
    TORONTO, ON (April 15, 2014) - On April 7 and 14, 2014, the CBC Go Public program reported on the use of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (“the Program”) in three franchise-owned restaurants in Western Canada.   McDonald’s Canada was first notified...Read More

  21. Updated Media Statement: Franchisee Allegations
    TORONTO, ON (April 14, 2014) – McDonald’s Canada has been made aware of serious allegations concerning the employment of temporary foreign workers at two independent franchisee operations located in British Columbia and another in Alberta.   At McDonald’s Canada,...Read More

  22. Olympics Statement – Russian LGBT Legislation
    TORONTO, ON (February 5, 2014) - We are aware that some activists are targeting Olympic sponsors to voice their concerns regarding the Russian LGBT legislation. McDonald’s supports human rights, the spirit of the Olympics and all the athletes who’ve worked so hard to compete in t...Read More

  23. W5 Program "Behind the Barn Door"
    TORONTO, ON (October 21, 2016) - Contrary to recent media reports or allegations made by Mercy for Animals Canada, McDonald’s Canada does not source eggs from Kuku Farms or any Alberta farm mentioned in W5’s recently aired program, “Behind the Barn Door.” Recent medi...Read More

  24. McDonald's Canada Statement on Nutrition Information
    TORONTO, ON (September 12, 2012) - McDonald’s Canada recognizes the leadership of our U.S. colleagues who have moved to unveil its menu board labeling initiative in all U.S. restaurants in advance of the final U.S. Federal regulations.   As a trusted global company, we strive to ...Read More


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